Polaris Solutions Camo Mesh Revisited

The first blog post was about Israeli Polar Solutions camo mesh:

Finally I took some photos about this material in more natural environment:

On the left Polaris Solutions reversible mesh with desert side up. On the right Saab Barracuda desert netting.

Polaris Solutions.

Saab Barracuda:

Some distance.

Both turned, Polaris Solutions has now greener and darker woodland pattern up and Saab Barracuda presents urban pattern.

Again some distance.

Polaris Solutions “rocks around rocks”, no matter which pattern is up. The mesh is stiff and it is easy to mould to look like a rock or a boulder. Some examples:

Generally Scandinavian rocks and boulders are quite dark and grey and covered with moss and lichen, so greener and darker woodland side of Polaris Solutions mesh fabric is better choice while building an observation post among boulders. However, even the lighter and sandier desert pattern is not a bad option, especially when not in direct sunlight.

Polaris Solutions